You can now hear a PREVIEW of TWO

NEW SONGS from our upcoming


CITY - II, along with a brand-new

INTERVIEW with Damon on the


of the UK. Ian Fairholm has been

supporting us through this show since

our very beginning, and we are

eternally grateful.  


If you are in the Bay Area, don’t miss Jason and Jordan’s 4-night residency at STUDIO GRAND in Oakland. They will be doing improv shows with some stellar local players, including Evelyn Davis, Julie Moon, Kyle Bruckmann, Theresa Wong, Nava Dunkelman, Amma Ateria, Bruce Ackley, and Danishta Rivero Castro, from 11/30/17 through 12/3/17.


REPETITIONS OF THE OLD CITY - II is almost done. The original quintet (Damon Waitkus, Emily Packard, Jason Hoopes, Kate McLoughlin, and Jordan Glenn), form the backbone of the album, with our newest members, saxophonist Ivor Holloway and singer Thea Kelley, are also making significant contributions, along with a handful of guests. It’s a big, lavish, colorful production, perhaps more expansive and varied than REPETITIONS I. We expect the album to be ready to roll in early 2018. 


We got a killer live recording of our set at SeaProg in Seattle and are currently mixing it. We’ve waited a long time to get a studio-quality recording of the band playing live, and now that we have one, I want everyone to hear it. Expect a LIVE ALBUM in the not-too-distant future...


Other recent reviews of REPETITIONS I and interviews you can access from our PRESS page.


RELATED PROJECTS not to be missed:

Edgetone Records has just released MINDLESS THING, a new album documenting the collaboration between Jordan Glenn (composer, percussion) and poet/sage Jim Ryan (spoken word, flute), backed by a one-of-a-kind ensemble also featuring Karl Evangelista (guitar), Damon Waitkus (hammer dulcimer), Robert Lopez (vibes/percussion), and Michael Coleman (piano).


Jason Hoopes’ dark pop trio PERFECT LOSS, featuring Jason (vocals, bass), Noah Phillips (guitar), and Karl Jensen (drums) just released a powerful third EP, FUNERAL MUSIC.